1-HOUR RIDE: This is our most common ride, consisting of a loop trail that parallels, then climbs, Warm Springs ridge. On this ride you typically see various birds and woodpeckers, white-tailed deer, and other four-legged critters. This is a great ride for beginners or someone just wanting to relax on horseback. $30 per person

1 1/2-HOUR RIDE: This is simply an extension of our 1-hour ride that allows you a little more time in the saddle. $40 per person

3-HOUR (LUNCH) RIDE: Pack a sack lunch and join us on a ride that leads you a little deeper into the park's natural surroundings. Typically this ride takes place during lunch time, but can be altered to a morning or evening ride. Due to the rugged terrain we cross on this ride, it is suggested that you not be a first time rider. The minimum age for this ride is 10 and the maximum weight limit is 240 lbs. There is a minimum group of four required and the ride may not be available all the time. Advance reservations required. $80 per person

OVERNIGHT SUPPER/BREAKFAST RIDE: This ride leaves the stables in the late afternoon and climbs to the top of Cacapon Mountain (approx. 2 1/2 hours of riding). There we have dinner, a campfire, breakfast the following morning, then a 2-hour ride down the mountain. All you ned is personal items, sleeping bag, foam pad and ear plugs (if someone in your group snores). There is a three-sided shelter to camp in. This ride also covers rugged terrain and is not recommended for first time riders. The miminum age for riders is 12 and a maximum weight limit of 240 lbs. There is a minimum group of 8 required and may not be available at all times. These rides usually take place from mid-May through late June. $165 per person

MOONLIGHT RIDE: Enjoy a moonlit ride under the stars on this 1 1/2-hour trail. This ride can only be booked on certains days during the full moon. Ride leaves at dusk and returns by moonlight, so it requires weather cooperation as well. $45 per person